Five Rules For Trouble-free Software Updates

Microsoft Windows 8 update settings

3: If you’re busy, tell the updater to wait The ubiquitous update reminder is the kind of nag that’s easy to disregard — once you’ve closed the “updates are available” pop-up. The Notification Center in Mavericks adds the ability to schedule updates. Matt Elliott takes an in-depth look at Mavericks’ update options , and Topher Kessler explains how to use the feature to effectively disable OS X’s Notification Center . Related stories Free software will result in $900 million deferral at Apple One of the biggest hassles of Windows updates is the need to restart to complete the process. The updater provides an option to postpone the restart, but you can prevent automatic restarts by changing your Windows Update settings. Open the settings as described in Rule No. 2 and choose “Download Updates, but Let Me Choose When to Install Them” on the drop-down menu. On the Today I Found Out site, Daven Hiskey explains how to block automatic restarts in the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows by using the Group Policy Editor and by editing the Registry. Rule No. 4: Do it yourself: third-party updaters could be a security risk In a post from May 2011 I tested three free software-update services and preferred Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector . Secunia is a trusted name in the computer-security industry, and I have no reason to suspect the trustworthiness of any other software-update service. However, any program that you allow to conduct an inventory of your system entails some level of security risk. As more programs are set to update in the background, it’s safer to assume your apps and system software will keep themselves up-to-date. The benefits of a separate software-update application may no longer outweigh the time and effort the updater requires, as well as the security risk it entails. Rule No. 5: When all else fails, uninstall and reinstall to undo a failed update In a post from last May I described how I solved a problem with the iTunes updater in Windows 7 by repairing the Apple Software Update program. The Apple Support site explains how to use Software Update in Windows and how to repair Software Update for Windows . Lifehacker’s Adam Dachis provides a primer on software updates that includes Windows, Mac OS X, browsers, and other third-party software. The fell-swoop approach to troubleshooting irksome updates is to uninstall the program and then reinstall a fresh copy. For example, several times in the past Firefox has failed to apply an update, and only removing the program and downloading the updated version solved the problem.


Mastercard Sees Bangladesh Electronic Payments Growing 20-fold

MasterCard Sees ‘Huge Opportunity

Seshadri, group executive for global products and solutions for Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, said in an interview on Bloomberg Television today. The country has 100 million mobile-phone subscriptions, compared with 5 million payment cards, he said. MasterCard this week opened a representative office in the South Asian country, where it works with banks. The governments initiatives to develop electronic payments systems echo those in other emerging markets such as Nigeria and South Africa, Seshadri said in Singapore. Were seeing growth in emerging markets, where governments are driving financial inclusion in a very concentrated way, he said. Mobile may actually be the place where payments take over in Bangladesh . Enabling mobile payment solutions is what were focused on. To contact Bloomberg News staff for this story: Nathaniel Espino in Beijing at To contact the editor responsible for this story: Chitra Somayaji at 4:48 Nov.


Signs Of Life Re-emerge In Philippine Typhoon Zone As Aid Begins To Flow

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8 typhoon, which killed at least 3,976 people and left nearly 1,600 missing, according to government figures updated Monday. More than 4 million people have been displaced and need food, shelter and water. The typhoon also wrecked livelihoods on a massive scale, destroying crops, livestock, coconut plantations and fishing boats. Several battered communities appeared to be shifting from survival mode to one of early recovery Monday. Markets were reopening, though with very limited wares. Some gasoline stations were pumping and residents were repairing damaged homes or making temporary shelters out of the remains of their old ones. The darkest night is over but its not yet 100 percent, regional military commander Lt. Gen.


Software Giant Ca Technologies To Pay $11 Million For Government Billing Fraud


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This settlement will ensure that the company is held accountable for its fraudulent acts and restore taxpayer funds to the agencies that were overcharged. CA Technologies customers who purchased maintenance renewal plans for its software licenses were entitled to free upgrades, resolutions for glitches and web-based technical support for terms of one to three years. Prior to the expiration of a maintenance plan, the company would alert customers to renew their plans and avoid lapses in these services. However, when a customer did renew, the lawsuit alleged, instead of starting the renewal date at the end of the current plan, CA Technologies set the renewal period to begin on the day it processed the renewal order. In effect, it was alleged, customers paid twice for maintenance services in the period between ordering a renewal and the actual end of the current plan for which they already had paid. The second fraudulent allegation covered in the settlement involved a contract CA Technologies had with the Department of Defense for prepaid software under a blanket purchase agreement. The whistleblower lawsuit alleged that the company steered Defense Department customers away from ordering software from inventory the department already had paid for and convinced them unwittingly to spend more money to buy the same products through third-party vendors. The U.S. Attorneys Office of the Eastern District of New York spearheaded the federal and multi-state legal action with assistance from the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. General Services Administration and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service of the Department of Defense.


Electronic Device To Track Parolees

Copy of PN Parolee monitoring system6789

Picture: Phill Magakoe Pretoria – As part of an attempt to reduce the number of prison inmates, Correctional Services Minister Sbu Ndebele has launched the departments new electronic monitoring system, a means of locating and tracking offenders out on parole. This system, which sees parolees fitted with a bracelet and tracking devices, will be used to monitor and locate them after they have been released from prison. Speaking at Correctional Services head office on Monday, Ndebele said his department is responsible for more than 150 000 inmates, each costing the taxpayer more than R9 800 a month. Our country has 51.8 million citizens, and our rate of imprisonment is the highest in Africa, Ndebele said. With the electronic monitoring system, the monthly cost per offender will be reduced to just over R3 300 a month and fewer offenders will be behind bars. Correctional Services Minister Sbu Ndebele inspects the electronic monitoring system at the control room. Picture: Phill Magakoe PRETORIA NEWS Against a background of stubbornly high prison populations and rapidly developing technology, governments are now reaching a critical point in the use of electronic monitoring as a means of reducing costs and improving the effectiveness of corrections, Ndebele said. The department will roll out the first 500 tags and tracking systems, to the value of R18 million, before the end of this financial year. Every year thereafter, more monitoring systems will be issued to parolees. Correctional Services officials yesterday demonstrated the monitoring equipment by fitting a parolee from Mamelodi with an ankle tag and a tracker.


Twitlonger — When You Talk Too Much For Twitter

Are you aware of the signs of childhood cancer? I wasn’t. Do you know how to prevent help cot deaths and spot Meningitis? Yeah me too, because the government put hundreds of thousands of pounds into national awareness campaigns. Help us raise awareness of childhood cancers signs and symptoms. Will cancer come knocking at your door? Are you ready? Information is power….Awareness is everything.


Cu Expands Computers To Youth Program

“I am blessed to be in a position that allows me to give back to the city that made me who I am,” Hart said in a statement. Hart attended local public schools before embarking on an entertainment career that includes the 2011 stand-up special “Laugh at My Pain.” He has also hosted MTV’s Video Music Awards and “Saturday Night Live.” Mayor Michael Nutter joined Hart on Friday to visit four schools that collectively received 300 laptops. The district has endured severe budget cuts this year, including the closure of about two dozen schools. “These computers will allow our students to expand their studies, explore new course material, and prepare for college and careers for years to come,” Superintendent William Hite said in a statement. In addition, 27 city community centers will share 200 desktop computers, which recreation commissioner Susan Slawson called an “invaluable resource for our youth.” Join the Discussion You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Please click here to upgrade your browser in order to comment.

Actor Kevin Hart Donates 500 Computers to Philly

Its purpose is to benefit underserved youth in Colorado and protect the environment. The computer systems received by the high school students through the program are designed to enable academic achievement that will encourage students to attend college. Not only do the high school students but also the college student mentors see this as an inspiring learning experience, said CU-Boulder engineering student and Computers To Youth mentor Rebecca Miller. The fact that CU-Boulder put together this program that saves resources, prevents waste and enables future scientists and engineers is completely brilliant. The next Computers To Youth event will be held Saturday, Nov. 9. Fourteen high school students from the Family Learning Center in Boulder, guided by CU-Boulder student mentors, will go through surplus computer components, bundle parts, load the latest software and take their newly built computer systems with them. The day also will include a new competition in which teams will race to disassemble and reassemble a demonstration computer. As technology increasingly becomes a part of daily life, those without computer access risk falling behind, said Jack DeBell, the CU Environmental Centers recycling program development director. This consequence, known as the digital divide, tends to affect economically disadvantaged populations, especially youth. With such a great amount of computer equipment being discarded by a technologically advanced campus, it only makes sense that some of this equipment be upcycled to bridge the digital divide. The CU-Boulder student mentors are part of the statewide MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) program.