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Number: 26676 Location Information: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada BioWare is a division of EA which crafts high quality multiplatform role-playing, MMO and strategy games, focused on emotionally engaging, rich stories with unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world’s most critically acclaimed titles and franchises, including Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. BioWare currently operates in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and Austin (Texas). BioWares games have continually achieved critical and commercial success. All of our published titles are highly rated at; in fact we have 6 games in the top 1% highest rated games of all time! Today BioWare has over 800 staff at its locations and continues to grow. In 2008, BioWare was acquired by Electronic Arts, a leading global interactive entertainment publisher. For more information on BioWare, visit, or follow us on Twitter at . To join the millions of fans already registered with the BioWare community, go to . Lead Programmers manage small teams of 4-6 programmers, ensuring focus on short term goals as well as mentorship and career planning in the long term. They are often versatile generalists with a wealth of experience in the games industry, and while they do still write code, they also work to multiply their individual talents by working through their team. Leads are usually focused on a specific scrum or area of specialization, and collaborate with the Technical Directors to set policy and vision for the team. Key Responsibilities – Work with team members to maintain and improve their performance, including performance reviews, mentorship, and regular feedback – Develop systems for the game that serve to bring the vision of the artists and designers to life – Oversee the planning, design, and implementation of all features developed by the team – Participate in higher level planning with project management and Technical Directors Required Technical Skills and Experience – At least 2 years of previous leadership experience – Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience – Excellent C++ and C# skills, and experience in object-oriented design – Excellent verbal and written communication skills – Excellent organizational and problem solving skills – Demonstrated knowledge of good software programming practices Additional Skills: – The ideal candidate has shipped at least two video game titles; and has a minimum of five years of technical experience in the video game or related industry – Preference given to candidates with experience in tools, builds, and/or pipelines – Avid gamer with a passion for creating top-quality games Performance Competencies (Non Technical Skills) – Excellent verbal and written communication skills – Excellent decision making capabilities


Flat Panel Computers Suppliers

Bank Note Ink Will Help Make Quantum Computers Cheaper

Various features include Intel PXA270 processor on board, fanless cooling system, NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel, built-in flash memory, automatic data flow control RS-485, anodic coating, OSD control pad on front panel, slim combo drive, touch screen display & anti-reflective screens. Brand Names: Advantech Digital Ink (Gunze, U.S.A.) – Austin, TX Manufacturer Manufacturer Of Touch Panels For PDA’s & Hand-Held Terminals. Also Manufacturer Capacitive Touch Systems, Particularly Tektouch Under License From Tektronics. Specializing In Analog Resistive Flat Panel Touch Systems Calling For Both Pen & Finger Input. Extensive Capability To Integrate LCD’s & Touch Panels. Representatives For Gunze Touch Systems Chassis Plans – San Diego, CA Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer of standard & custom flat panel single board computers including dual processor single board computers with system host boards, single processor single board computers with system host boards, dual processor single board computers & single processor single board computers. Capabilities include integration & testing, documenting, placement, assembling & cabling. Customized logo, labels & paint options are available. Features include built-in lithium battery for data retention of CMOS memory, operating temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees C, DDR2-800 & cache memory & PICMG 1.3 backplane I/O interfaces. RoHS compliant. Meet UL & MilitarySpec. Daisy Data Displays, Inc. – York Haven, PA Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer of flat panel displays in a wide range of models. Industrial computers with color display are integrated in NEMA 4X stainless steel or aluminum enclosure with hinged front door, polycarbonate viewing window, keyboard & pointing device. FM & ATEX approved. Available in 15.0 in., 19.0 in., 20.1 in & 22.0 in. display sizes, sunlight readable transflective display, standard 170 degree viewing angle & resolutions to 1,920 pixels x 1,080 pixels, 350 nits minimum brightness & color depth to 24-bits, Micro ATX motherboard with two PCI slots, two PCI Express ports, 1 GB RAM, gigabit Ethernet, 1.8 GHz Pentium M CPU, minimum 160 GB hard drive, Optical ROM drive & 110 VAC power supply. ICS Advent – San Diego, CA Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Design, Integrate & Support Rack Mount & Embedded Computers. Custom Designs; Complete Hardware/Software Integration; Embedded Boards, Passive Backplanes, Single Board & Industrial Computers Seneca Data, Inc – North Syracuse, NY Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Flat panel computers. Manufacturer & distributor of computers, computer accessories, back-up storage devices, hardware, imaging systems, parts, peripherals, networking equipment & supplies & workstations. Siemens Corp. – Washington, DC Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Manufacturers’ Rep, Service Company Worldwide manufacturer of computers including flat panel computers, plant floor computers & rack mount computers. Features Intel Core 2-duo processors & windows Vista business operating system.

Like the latest material to offer itself up as the future of quantum computing which has been sitting on banknotes for decades. Research published in Nature suggests that a common blue pigment, which is used in the British 5 note, can be used as a low-cost organic semiconductor, ideal for use in quantum computing . The pigment, which is called copper phthalocyanine, has electrons that can remain in a state known as ‘superposition’a quantum effect, where each particle exists in two states at once. Other materials have that property, too, but cruciallyand unlike otherscopper phthalocyanine is abundant and can be easily processed into thin films, perfect for fabricating devices. Indeed, those films should be ideal for the production of qubitsthe quantum version of binary bitsthat power quantum computers. The researchers point out that it seems just as attractive as rarer and more expensive molecules that have been suggested in the past, but is far more common. And there’s a pleasant irony in the fact that a material found in money could actually save scientists some cash. [ Nature via UCL ] Image by andrewrennie under Creative Commons license Related


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Somewomen grin and bear it, others get assertive, but these daysalmost all return home and then complain about it on Facebook. (“Tummy-touching isntOK just because someones pregnant!”). Now, Pennslyvania has made it illegal to touch the belly of a pregnant woman without her permission, pursuant to a harassment case against a man who kept tummy-touching a pregnant lady against her will. A bit severe? Any pregnant lady will tell you no, not severe at all, in fact lets go a step further and make it illegal to tell pregnant ladies how big theyve gotten or ask if theyre carrying twins. [ Source ] See today’s most shared stories on Facebook .

The online advertising companies in India can certainly expect to go for the big kill two years down the line.With the migration of educated people to cities and the addiction for internet growing in India, online advertising will receive precedence over press, radio, television and other forms of advertising. But the online advertising industry in India is not without its hiccups. There has been, in recent times, a fall in advertising revenues predominantly due to the global economy slowdown.But this is a temporary phenomenon as far as India s concerned. The online advertising industry is sure to bounce back with steadily improving standards of education, increase in internet penetration, e-commerce, social networking and overall population growth. The online advertising companies in India can draw immense satisfaction from the fact that the industry is projected to reach Rs 3000 crore by March 2014, according to the findings of a report of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International. When talking of online advertising in India, you will have to take into account search, display, mobile, social media ,, email and video advertising. However, display advertising constitutes a large pie of the total online advertising market in India.However, its percentage share is rather declining due to the rise in the mobile, social media and video advertising sectors. Revenue from internet media have steadily increased from a meager 1 percent of total Indian advertising revenue in the year 2005 to nearly 8 percent in 2012 and still growing at a rapid pace and expected to peak by the year 2016. There are several outstanding online advertising companies in India with highly creative professionals capable of thinking out of the box. There are many brand solution companies with incredible capabilities of producing highly rewarding online advertisements. These online advertising companies are adepts at connecting you to your target groups and inspire them to become your customers. Their services include amongst others: =Display advertising Follow us on these Social Networks: More Recent Posts

Jika kebetulan sasaran utamanya adalah remaja dan orang muda maka pemasar akan memiliki kesempatan untuk menarik sebagian besar internet dan penonton teknologi cerdas. Mereka juga memiliki keinginan kuat untuk mencoba sesuatu yang baru yang menarik mereka. Namun perlu dicatat bahwa pemasaran untuk anak muda tidak bekerja dengan menerapkan strategi pemasaran yang sama untuk khalayak umum. Pemasar harus berpikir seperti orang-orang muda sehingga target mereka dapat tercapai. Kaum muda memiliki populasi online besar. Mereka menghabiskan banyak waktu chatting, memeriksa situs jaringan sosial, menonton video online, mengirim email dan situs browsing di internet. Ini adalah pasar potensial yang besar jika pemasar ingin sepenuhnya menggunakan media internet. Kaum muda tidak hanya menggunakan media komputer pribadi untuk browsing internet, mereka juga menggunakan ponsel mereka atau smartphone mereka untuk tetap dapat berinternet. Sebuah survei terbaru membuktikan bahwa 60% remaja Inggris sangat kecanduan smartphone mereka. Ini adalah salah satu bukti bahwa remaja selalu membawa ponsel mereka di mana saja. Mereka tidak meninggalkan rumah tanpa ponsel mereka. Karena itu juga situs jejaring sosial lebih sering anak muda daripada orang yang lebih tua. Ini merupakan keuntungan besar bagi pemasar yang lebih memilih untuk menggunakan mobile marketing untuk menjangkau pengguna target mereka. Tetapi bukan tidak ada kendala menargetkan audiens muda. Kaum muda ingin multitask apapun di saat bersamaan sehingga kebanyakan dari mereka memiliki waktu yang singkat untuk memperhatikan sebuah iklan.


U.s. Embassy Donates Computers To The Bahamas’ Customs Department For Risk Analysis

Charles Turner, from The Bahamas Department of Customs, receives three computer donated by the U.S. Embassys International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office in a meeting on October 17. Nassau, Bahamas – The U.S. Embassys International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Office donated three computers valued at over $2,500 to The Bahamas Department of Customs on October 17. This donation is part of ongoing joint efforts under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) to combat illicit smuggling and transnational crime and follows the U.S. Embassys July donation of seven computers to the Customs Department for use in Freeport, Grand Bahama. The three new computers will be used at The Bahamas Customs Departments Risk Analysis Division in Nassau. The technology will enable the Customs Department to better identify risk factors for illegal contraband entering the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This latest donation marks the continuation of a longstanding partnership between The Bahamas and the United States to jointly combat threats arising from transnational crime. Copyright 2013 by


Outdoor Advertising: Global Strategic Business Report 2013-2018

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Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Outdoor Advertising in US$ Million by the following Modes/Formats: Billboards The report profiles 237 companies including many key and niche players such as: Adams Outdoor Advertising I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations Disclaimers Product Definitions and Scope of Study Billboards Alternate Forms of Outdoor Advertising II. Executive Summary Advertising: An Essential Requisite for Corporate/ Brand Survival & Existence Advertising Market Traits Outdoor Advertising: A Small but a Significant Contributor to Overall Advertising Market Evolution of Outdoor Advertising Market Posts Recovery in 2010 Eurozone Crisis & US Fiscal Cliff Fails to Deter Outdoor Advertising Market Outlook Developing Markets More Than a Blip on the Radar Expansion of End User Markets Perk Up Growth The “Dominion Effect” Drives Demand for Large Oversized Billboards Transit Media Provides Traction to Outdoor Advertising Market Noteworthy Market Trends & Growth Drivers Digital Fever Grips Outdoor Advertising Industry DOOH Advertising: A Key Driver of Future Growth Digital Signage in the 21st Century: A Peek Into its Evolving Landscape Wireless Digital Signage Solutions on Rise 3D Digital Signage: The New Frontier of Digital Advertising Internet-Based Dynamic Digital Signs Rake in Opportunities for IT Companies Key Statistical Finding LED Based Digital Building Wraps to Drive Adoption of Digital Media Facades Technology Developments Sharpen Growth “Smartboards” to Enhance Viewer Recall of Outdoor Ads Gesture Adverts Popular at Airports & Retail Outlets The Rise of Augmented Reality & Nex-Gen “Glad”vertising Increase in Vehicular Traffic Bodes Well for Roadside Ads & Ad Infrastructure Special Entertainment Events Provides Momentum to Outdoor Advertising Cost Reductions Push Up Demand for Outdoor Advertising Smartphones Adding to Success of Outdoor Advertising Issues & Challenges Competition from Alternative Forms of Advertising: A Challenge to Reckon With Online Advertising – A Major Threat Threat Alert Mobile Phone Advertising Grows in Popularity – A Challenge to Reckon With Telemarketing Remerges as Key Competition Unfavorable Regulations May Hamper Business Prospects Lack of Measurement – A Challenge to Reckon With Safety Issues Being Taken to Higher Levels! Competition 2.

China Advertising Industry Report, 2013

Beck . aHe brings invaluable knowledge and insight to our marketing, advertising and regulatory practice and will further strengthen our already top-notch bench in these important areas.a A thought leader within the marketing and advertising industries, Mallen is an in-demand speaker and lecturer at high profile legal and trade association events. He has been a featured speaker at the ABA Consumer Protection and Antitrust Law events, the PMA Marketing Law Conference, the Intellectual Property Owners annual meeting, International Chamber of Commerce events, the Global Advertising Lawyeras Alliance, and the Sustainable Brands Conference, among other legal and marketing workshops and seminars. In addition, Mallen is active within the leadership of the American Bar Associationas Section of Antitrust Law. He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Private Advertising Litigation Committee and regularly chairs panels at the Sectionas Spring Meetings. aLoeb & Loeb has built an impressive practice that addresses a wide array of issues in the advanced media, advertising and marketing fields,a said Mallen. aThey are at the forefront of this very dynamic industry and I am looking forward to returning to private practice and becoming a part of Loebas continued leadership in the space.a Admitted to the bars of New York State and the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, Mallen earned his J.D.

In the first quarter of 2013, the Chinese newspaper advertising market size continued to fall, a year-on-year decline of about 12%. Internet advertising has seen rapid development, with market size in 2012 up 46.83% YoY China’s internet advertising market size attained to RMB 75.31 billion in 2012, a year-on-year increase of 46.83%, and then slowed down to RMB 19.84 billion in the first quarter of 2013, with year-on-year growth of the first quarter firstly less than 40% for three consecutive years, entering into a relatively slackened growth cycle after high-speed development. Concerning the internet advertising revenue scale by enterprise, Baidu held the first position; Youku Tudou after the merger ranked eighth with revenue up to RMB 429 million in the first quarter of 2013. China Advertising Industry Report, 2013 by ResearchInChina mainly includes the followings: Development status, policy environment, advertisers change and market competition of advertising industry in China; Market size, market segments, advertisers change and enterprise competition of internet advertising in China, as well as operation and advertising revenue of 11 major online advertising media companies including Baidu, Taobao, Google, Tencent, Sohu, Sina, Youku Tudou, SouFun, Qihoo 360, CBSi and NetEase; Market size, market segments, advertisers change of newspaper advertising in China, as well as operation and advertising revenue of four major newspaper advertising media companies, i.e. Shanghai XinHua Media Co., Ltd., Chengdu B-Ray Media Co., Ltd., Huawen Media Investment Corporation and Zhejiang Daily Media Group Co., Ltd.; China’s outdoor advertising market size as well as operation and advertising revenue of four leading outdoor advertising media companies, i.e. Focus Media Holding Limited, AirMedia Group Inc., DHA Group and Clear Media Limited; China’s TV & radio advertising market size as well as operation and advertising revenue of five major TV & radio advertising media companies – China Television Media, Ltd., Shanghai Media Group, Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and Zhejiang Broadcasting Corporation. Preface 1.

Deputy Director of the National Advertising Division Joins Loeb & Loeb

and was my partner at The three of us currently own the company, but we are just beginning the process of seeking Series A funding so we will soon share ownership with other investors. Q: Where are you located? A: Since we are not a retail or open-to-the-public company, our headquarters are my home office in Hopedale, but we also have an office in Manhattan and another one in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Once our Series A funding is complete, we will be hiring more staff and move into office space in Westborough. Q: Why was the business started?


First Apple Computer Could Fetch $500k At Auction

Rare Apple 1 computer sold for $671,000

A rare Apple 1 computer was auctioned in Cologne, Germany, for $671,000 to an anonymous buyer in the Far East.

Then he approached Wozniak, who agreed to provide what the psychologist calls Apple’s “internal code” so he could create interactive lessons for his students using the new technology. An expert hired by Christie’s recently came to Perry’s home to examine the old Apple and try to turn it on. Only the Apple motherboard is original. A keyboard, monitor and a storage device in this case a portable cassette tape deck were added later. “I was a little afraid to run it, but it still works, with the original chips!” he says. SHARE 122 CONNECT 56 TWEET 4 COMMENTEMAILMORE Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

But Breker said it’s no surprise that it fetched more than 50% more. In November, his team auctioned a similar model for $640,000. Sotheby’s New York sold one last year for $375,000. Prices for the rare devices have gone up since Jobs’ death in 2011. In November 2010, Christie’s auctioned an Apple 1 for $212,000. “It’s not only the technology of the world’s first ready-to-use PC,” Breker said in an e-mail to CNN.

Apple’s Revolutionary Laptop Could Be Far More Important to Intel

And if Apple makes the jump, other PC makers could follow. As the MacBook Air kicked off the trend of lighter, thinner laptops, so too could the move to ARM Holdings-based chips become the industry norm. Over the last three years, shares of ARM Holdings have rallied over 150%, while Intel shares have badly underperformed. Since Oct. 2010, Intel shares are up just 24%, compared to the S&P 500’s 46% gain. Mobile devices have taken the world by storm, eating away at the demand for traditional PCs, Intel’s primary market.


Apple Computer Entrepreneur’s Rise And Fall

Apple Computer

Jobs courted Mr. Sculley in hopes of providing Apple with a more experienced manager. For the first year, they appeared to be in great harmony. But as Apple’s financial position worsened, Mr. Sculley came under increasing pressure to exert that seasoned authority and he seized control. Mr.

“Most of what they’ve done is reconvert the faithful.” Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons to expect a Macintosh renaissance. Currently, Apple is struggling to meet demand for its new MacBook Pro laptop despite a $1,900 price tag that is nearly twice that of garden-variety rivals. Apple-watchers expect the company to launch lower-priced MacBooks in coming months to compete for the lion’s share of the market. By early next year, Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE ) will have converted its popular graphics and Web publishing software to run at top speed on the new Intel-based Macs, a critical event for Mac power users. “They should regain share in the back half of the year,” says Smith Barney Citigroup (C ) analyst Richard Gardner.Opening New Windows Apple has some wild cards it can play to goose the Mac’s market share, as well. While Apple won’t comment, Needham’s Wolf believes that the Intel-based Macs will be able to run Windows programs right along with Mac titles by yearend.